The session includes whatever therapies the horse needs: massage, myo-fascial release, energy work, and craniosacral therapy. For best results, therapy should be performed regularly with no more than 3 weeks between services.
Craniosacral therapy
This session is craniosacral therapy without massage, allowing more time to go deep in the areas that need it.
Kinesiology taping, with bodywork
Taping is not a one-time therapy. It should be repeated at least once, within 24-48 hours after the tape comes off. For best results, kinesiology tape should be reapplied every 3-5 days until the condition being treated shows distinct improvement. Once every 1-2 weeks thereafter as needed.
Kinesiology taping, without bodywork

Gift Certificates

5+1 Bodywork sessions ~ buy 5 get one free$250
1 Bodywork session $50

Trip Charge

I’m based in Flagstaff but I’m happy to work on horses anywhere in the state; however, for round-trips over 40 miles I will have to add a travel fee.

Travel fee$0.30 per mile

Minimize the Trip Charge

The trip charge will be divided between all the horses I work on in the same place (barn/neighborhood/community).