Holistic, integrative methods that include Swedish massage,
deep tissue massage, and acupressure.

Benefits of massage

Pain relief ~ muscle and poll tension relief ~ Improved locomotor function, mobility, circulation, suppleness, and muscle conditioning ~ Increased flexibility ~ Detoxification ~ Relaxation ~ Builds trust

When does my horse need bodywork?

Behavior = communication

There are several behaviors you can look for that indicate your horse is telling you his body is out of whack and would appreciate a bodywork session. The following is a short list of some of the indicators to look for:

  • Reluctance to be caught
  • Pinning his ears back, biting, or kicking while being tacked up or ridden
  • Being “girthy” when saddled
  • Reluctance to move forward during exercise
  • Weakness in the legs or dragging a toe
  • Head tossing while working
  • Stiffness to one or both sides
  • Difficulty picking up the correct lead
  • The saddle slips off to one side
  • Uncharacteristic bucking or rearing while under saddle
  • Being more reactive or spooking more than usual
  • Uncharacteristic bad mood